We all know that we should not skip house cleaning maintenance as it can lead to other problems that are actually preventable. In these times of pandemic, house tasks have become tedious and unbearable especially that we need to avoid lagging homework and/or paperwork. However, as mentioned, we cannot just skip cleaning as much as we want to.   

Oakland Airbnb cleaners and other professional cleaners know that there is more to cleaning your home and avoiding problems in the future because there are also health benefits that come with cleaning your house on a regular basis.   

Today we will be sharing with you the five health benefits of home cleaning that will make you surprised.  

1. clean home makes us choose healthier food to eat – when we are surrounded with a clean and clutter-less space, we become better at choosing what is healthy for us in general. When we are bombarded with clutter, it subconsciously affects us to have poorer decisions including the things and stuff we buy in the home, specifically our kitchen. A tidy home affects our brain to become healthier and we will tend to choose healthier food and diet for ourselves. This is not without clinical evidence. A study published in 2010 showed that people who live in a clean and tidy space made smarter and healthier food choices compared to those who live in a dirty and cluttered environment.   

2. it improves your sleep – when our minds are preoccupied with stressors such as undone clothes, dusty cabinets, dirty beds, and a messy environment, it decreases the chances of having a good night’s sleep. There are many studies that prove this. On the contrary, an individual who lives in an organized space is proven to sleep better, reducing insomnia tendencies and preventing stress.   

3. it generally improves mental health – given the two advantages mentioned, a cleaner environment will definitely prevent mental health issues like anxiety and depression, which can be caused by stress and insomnia, besides genetics and substance abuse. While some studies found that most people cope with the cluttered environment by shutting subconsciously their minds, some people become stressed which can lead to mental health problems.   

4. it can ease allergy symptoms – when your family members have allergy problems or asthma, having a dirty space should not be an option for you. Indoor allergies include dust mites, dirt, allergens, and pet dander that are not removed when you skip cleaning sessions. Vacuuming and cleaning deeply the home on a regular basis can prevent all of this dirt to cause allergies.   

5. it will save you money – having a tidy home can save you money in a lot of ways. Besides the fact that it makes you healthier both in mind and body, reducing the chances of medical expenses, it can also prolong the life of the house’s appliances and stuff, preventing the need to replace and fix appliances and materials.   


Cleaning might be an easy task but it is surely crucial to have a healthier mind and body. Call your trusted cleaning service now.