An announcement that was recently announced by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) is causing a chaos. People who use a drug named “kratom” are arguing that the herb has a lot of health benefits. For those who don’t know, DEA said that they will ban kratom. 

In August, the DEA said that they are trying to ban the herb. According to them, the ban can come into effect this month. However, according to the report of The Washington Post, users of kratom, including individuals who previously utilized opiate medications and people with chronic pain, argued that the herb helps them stay off opiates and relieves their pain.  

What is Kratom? How is Kratom Utilized? 

According to the DEA, Kratom comes from a plant called Mitragyna Speciosa. This plant is popular in Southeast part of Asia. The tree leaves have psychoactive properties and could be put into capsules, brewed into tea, or crushed and smoked.  

Reasons Why People Take this Drug 

One of the biggest reasons why individuals take this drug is because of the pain relief. According to a psychiatry professor, Kratom seems to be a great painkiller or analgesic.  

Also, individuals have reported using kratom to help them stop taking other drugs, opiates to be particular. Several individuals reported that they use kratom to ease the opiate withdrawal symptoms. A lot of people have indicated that they had success in stopping opiates.  

Other individuals reported that they purchased online kratom to treat social anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD. 

While kratom might cause several individuals to experience a sense of well-being and some euphoria, professionals said they don’t think a lot of individuals were taking kratom just to get high. But, kratom is marketed in most smoke shops as “legal high”. 

What Does Kratom Do in Our Body? 

According to several experts, researchers are not really sure how this drug works in our body. Kratom isn’t an opiate. However, it connects with the opiate receptor in our body. Almost all individuals think that mitragynine, a compound, is the primary active ingredient in this plant. However, kratom has not been studied enough to know really well. 

Kratom appears to have a sedating and relaxing effect at higher doses and stimulating effect at lower doses, unlike opiates that have a sedating effect. Individuals who have utilized kratom have reported that it offers pain relief but does not knock them out. 

What are the Risks? 

The popular side effects of this drug are the same as those of opiates. This includes mild sedation, itching, vomiting, and upset stomach. But, the risks seem to be pretty mild, particularly when you compare it to the side effects of opiates.  

Though there have been deaths linked to the use of this plant, it isn’t clear in these situations that the individual directly dies as a result of utilizing the drug. The individuals who died had used other drugs as well. Long before people overdose, they start vomiting. That is the reason why overdosing on Kratom isn’t really that common.