Are you planning to invest in a residential property in Hawaii? Regardless of you have never owned a house or you’ve done it once a long time ago, here are the following advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a home and officially PCSing to Hawaii. 


  • Experience advantages in tax. The interest in mortgage in Hawaii is tax-deductible. For more details about it, it’s important to talk with a trusted accountant. To put it simply, you can save a significant tax amount if you own a house.? 
  • You can grow your wealth while you build equity in your residential property. Home Price Expectation Survey’s experts claim that the people living in Hawaii can observe increased home equity by 2024. 
  • Experience great community. Most often, homeowners in Hawaii are more involved in their communities since a lot of them work as one for less crime and better schools.? 
  • Corelogic claims that mortgages are going down while rents are rising.? 
  • You’ll be able to stabilize your payments. When you have a fixed interest rate loan, your mortgage payment every year is relatively steady. Meanwhile, your landlords can increase your rent whenever they want.? 
  • You will get a place for your family to grow and live. Moreover, you can renovate and decorate your house however you would want and make your dream house come true.? 


  • Having your own house can tie up your cash, and selling a residential property might not be plausible during the first couple of years of ownership. Plus, it can be more complicated to move, and you may not have as much flexibility when it comes to opting for a new job location.? 
  • It compels your finances. If you purchase a residential property, you’ll be mandated to pay the fees every month no matter what. Hence, it’s always best if you have a backup place in case everything goes south.? 
  • You should always consider the maintenance and living costs in Hawaii. It takes work and money to maintain a house. It’s kind of similar to your vehicle, the car could blow up if you refuse to change the oil.? 
  • Your home value can fluctuate and change from time to time and there’s no guarantee that it will increase. But most of the time, it could decrease in value.? 

Owning a home in Hawaii 

Based on the items listed below, purchasing a property in Hawaii comes with several pros and cons. In Hawaii, you’ll be able to relish the magnificent and nice beaches and weather daily. Most people dream about living in a home near the sea. Fortunately, you can do so once you consider investing in a property in Aloha State.? 

But you should also weigh in the downsides that you might be experiencing once you buy your dream house. So, make sure to research and know all of them before finally making your purchase.? 

If you’ve decided about living in Hawaii, feel free to reach out to the best real estate agents in Aloha State for assistance.?